About Steve


Photo by Julie Gelfand ©2013

Originally a native of small town Kansas, I am now a long time resident of the Finger Lakes region of New York. I moved to Rochester in 1978 to go to graduate school in photography at Rochester Institute of Technology, and have worked as a news photographer, university photo educator, freelance commercial photographer, and musician.

Having grown up in the heartland of America with its prevailing conservatism and history of deep-rooted traditions, I find myself drawn to  subject matter that connects me to my hometown roots. I also am attracted to situations that depict relationships, either between the subjects in the photos, or between the subjects and me, and I am fascinated by concepts of who we are, how we treat each other, and how we relate to society.

I am from the tradition of 35mm black and white documentary and street photography, originally finding inspiration from the work of W. Eugene Smith, Henri Cartier-Bresson, and later, Robert Frank, Tony Ray-Jones, and Helen Levitt. I continue to find the work of many photographers to be perpetually nourishing.


Black and White photos were nearly all taken with a Leica M2 and a mid-70’s 35mm Summilux lens, and Tri-x or HP 5 film. Color photos are Canon point and shoots, disposable cameras compared to the Leicas!